Natural Peanuts

Grown and harvested in South America, our premium quality Hi-Oleic peanuts are perfect for adding flavour and crunch to a wide variety of dishes. Did you know that peanuts aren’t in fact true nuts, but legumes that grow underground? It’s for this reason that they’re sometimes referred to as ‘groundnuts’ or ‘earthnuts’.

Natural peanuts are delicious in sweet baked treats, or simply roast in the oven with a little salt or your favourite spices for a great snack on the go. Alternatively, why not sprinkle some roasted peanuts over noodles, stir fries or steamed veggies.

Did you know peanuts are a source of Protein - necessary for tissue growth and repair, and a source of Fibre - to support gut health. Give your favourite dishes a nutritional boost with some Peanuts, as part of a healthy balanced diet.


Available in 400g

Packed in New Zealand